Kate Perry's ' Roar ' music video

September 5- On Thursday afternoon Kate Perry's first out-look was premiered , finds the Kate Perry on a solitary adventure through forest terrain, where she discovers the " eye of the tiger "  basically taming the wild tiger. says goodbye to the blue-wigged dreaminess of Kate Perry's " Teenage dream", and welcomes to the intense , monkey-assisted " prism" age.

The Lost meets- George of the Jungle " video begins with a fearful Kate Perry incredible away from a plane crash: The Indiana Jones-esque dummy beside to her takes a quick selfie before getting a attack by tiger. Luckily the Singer is powerful than her male counterpart: she brings a swarm of fireflies during first chorus, and form there , she begins to control the animals present around her. And at the end of Roar clip, Kate Perry is painting an elephant's nails, spears out of the black heels and goof around with monkey. Was it all a dream ? No spoliers here,  of course