Barack Obama offers NSA reforms , transparency

In sudden movement, President Barack Obama held a news conference meeting at White House on Friday announcing a review of the secret NSA surveillance programs revealed by leaker Snowden.
Barack Obama promised both the new restrictions on programs and more disclosure to people.

Obama said that "We can and must should be more transparent."

Apart from the changes ,President Obama ordered NSA collection of phone records reviewed and said the NSA oversight court to stop the ribber stamping surveillance requests.

Obama said that his aim is to gain back citizen's trust in NSA.

Obama also said "These steps are developed to ensure that American citizen's can trust that our efforts are in line with our interests and our values."

The changes are coming on heels of a possible AL-Quaida plot in Yemen that the NSA is getting credit for picking up.

Barack Obama admitted that the review was sparked bu Edward Snowden's leaks, but said the former NSA contractor is no patriot and to be prosecuted, , not protected by Vladimir Putin ( Russian President ).

Barack Obama is refusing to meet Vladimir Putin next month as after the Russian government granted Edward Snowden asylum.

Lastly the Obama's conference clashes with Republicans over the budget , sequestration, the debt ceiling and health care.