Lady Gaga releases Applause single

Lady Gaga announced a :" pop  music emergency " last night after clips of new single .'Applause leaked,making her to rush release it before week.

Lady Gaga has been forced to announce her a single  before one week  because of hackers.

Lady Gaga issued a " pop  music emergency"  tweet on twitter Monday declaring the single , originally set to be released on August 19, would instead be available at present.

Lady Gaga also tweeted that "  Due to professional hackers an abundance of leaks, we issue the pop music
emergency ... monsters spread around the world".

Lady Gaga also tweeted that " My new single " Applause" is out now and it will heard by you in U.S radio's just after 15 minutes." 

" Pop music emergency 0daysillapplause my single came out today . 911 spread this information."

This song is the first song from her's most anticipated album ARTPOP , leaked firstly and was not happy ,ranting on Twitter later.
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