Pistorius is indicated on Murder charge

South Africa-  A South African court On Monday charged Oscar Pistorius and indicated on charges of killing and criminal possession of ammunition for shooting death of double amputee Olympian's girlfriend.

The Magistrate set March 3,2014 as the trail date for Pistrorius , who was been out on the bail since February ,will be free until then.On Monday the prosecution released a lengthy copy indictment of Mr. Pistorius, outlining its case that he had knowing shot his girlfriend , Reeva Steenkamp, on Valentines day morning . Prosecutors, who allege that he shot her after an argument , submitted a list of more over 100 witnesses that they plan to call during the trail.

Pistorius appeared in Magistrate for the indictment , and was found crying and holding his hands with his siblings before prosecution  started . Pistorius has admitted for an open fire in his home in South African capital of Pretoria. There is no penalty of death in South Africa, where 25 years in prison for someone  convicted of premeditated murder .

Lawyers have depicted that the murder as a sudden incident in which Mr. Pistorius believed that an intruder had entered his home, where MS. Reeva Steenkamp  was spending the night. According to defense testimony, Pistorius fired through a locked bathroom not knowing that the Reeva was on the other side, and she was stuck by almost three bullets.

MS Reeva Steenkamp ,television star would be turned into 30 on Monday