Lindsay Lohan vows her troubled part is behind her

New York- Lindsay Lohan says that this time it's going to different. In an interview with Oprah Winfrey on Sunday , the trouble prone actress said that , her sixth stint is a rehab, has put her on path of recovering.

Lindsay Lohan spoke that she's in a different head space at present and vowed to saty" present and clear -headed and focused." i feel that whole again , she told Oprah Winfrey," and i have such a desire to keep same feeling and stay this away, and I'm wishing to do whatever it takes."

Lindsay Lohan completed her recent court-ordered stay in rehab past July, And she must should continue therapy into late next year.

Lindsay Lohan also said that mentioned an addiction to alcohol, which "in the past was a gateway to other things for me'" but she offered no specifics other than cocaine,to  which she has to use even more that fifteen times .

Oprah Winfrey asked her what she's on those days, then Lindsay Lohan answered ," Vitamins."

Oprah Winfrey pressed that " You're not on any prescription on these drugs?'

No," Lindsay Lohan instead then checked herself : I take Nexium, because that i have acid reflux."

Lindsay Lohan comfortably  said about her past life . When when Oprah Winfrey questioned if she can turn turn her whole life around this time, Lindsay Lohan said with no hesitation ," Yeah."

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