Samsung Galaxy Gear review

After months of waiting Samsung corporation had finally announced their concept smart watch phone Samsung Galaxy Gear at IFA consumer tech conference in Berlin.

Samsung Galaxy Gear makes looks like a bigger watch compared to the other watches , it makes us feel in such a way that a tiny smart phone is slapped over wristband .  Samsung Galaxy Gear comes with  320 x 320 pixel, 1.64-inch AMOLED touch screen. The camera is located on the wrist band with is  clever technique, And the home page button is placed on the right side.

Samsung Galaxy Gear has 512  MB of RAM and an 800 Mhz processor and runs with Google Android operating system., and the Samsung Galaxy Gear is going to available in many colors from black to orange.

 Review of Samsung team- The team said that the mobile users have to take their phone from pocket to make calls , to avoid this the Samsung made this smart watch to avoid this inconvenience to call are send mail directly from Samsung Galaxy Gear using voice commands.

It takes more time to read a email or message on the Samsung Galaxy Gear , for that you can use smart application called Smart Relay and you can view the message on your phone that had been displayed on your Samsung Galaxy Gear..

In addition to Gear Samsung had launched the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and the Samsung tablet 10.1 and all this three products are going to be launched on September 25.

The cost of the new Samsung Galaxy Gear is around $ 299