Amanda Bynes temporary conservatorship granted

According to the reports  "the judge in the Amanda Bynes case granted a temporary conservator ship to her mother" doctors at psychiatric hospital treating Amanda Bynes concluded that the young actress was not capable to attend the court's hearing on Friday and lastly her mother Lynn won the 30 day conservator ship over her affairs.

Amanda Bynes was staying at the Hillmont Psychiatric center in Ventura country  since past 17 days after allegedly staring a fire in a stranger's driveway.

Judge Reiser said that as we reported that Amanda Bynes was not able to present in the court , because doctors at psychiatric hospital got 30 days extension on her physical condition, as she was " gravely disabled " with mental illness.

A lawyer for Amanda Bynes said that the actress opposes the conservator-ship , believing that it is not needed.The conservator-ship also includes Amanda Bynes's personal well-being , it gives her parents the authority to manage her finances, Amanda Bynes savings of almost $4 million were depleted though it's unknown on what she was spending for.

The judge cautioned the star's mother not to make any significant decisions without consulting Amanda Bynes 's lawyer . The short termed conservator-ship lasts until September 30. By that time the Judge will hold with a formal hearing weather it make it a permanent one. Judge also said that we want's to meet Amanda to make his assessment.