Mexico released drugs baron Rafael Caro Quintero

Mexican court released drugs king Rafael Caro Quintero , after punishing him for prison last 28 years for a kidnap and murder of US agent.

An Mexican court  short Rafeal Caro Quintero's 40 year sentence for murdering an US enforcement agent Enrique Camarena in 1985.

It ruled that Rafael Caro Quintero , now 60, must been tired in a state rather than a federal court. The murder focused pushed US- Mexico ties and changed the war on drugs trafficking.

Rafael Caro Quintero was arrested in Costa Rica , he was one among the three founding members of Guadalaraja. Heralded as main. According to a report this group was responsible for transporting the majority of drugs mostly cocaine consumed in the US in 1980's.

Rafael Caro Quintero moved away before the press notified. The Mexican court did not clear on Rafael Caro Quintero  of Enrique  Camarena's death. Mexican police officials patrol the premisses of Puente Grande prison where Rafeal Caro Quintero was been held.

Reports say that  The US officials believe Rafael Caro Quintero has been controlling money drugs from behind bars.

US spokesmen said that  " Rafael continues  lo launder  proceeds from narcotics trafficking and having an alliance with drug trafficking groups 

Many believe that the Enrique murder resemble a key turning point in the fight against drug trafficking in Mexico. It led the broke of Guadalajara cartel into many groups, which formed many dangerous gang's today.