Florida man killed his wife, posts photos on Facebook

Derek Medina 31, went himself to police officials after confessing to Murder .

Derek Medina, was arrested having connection with his wife's murder  after posting a photo on his Facebook wall showing a blood- spattered woman slumped on the side of floor.During the murder the couple's daughter was their at the house she was not harmed

From a photo that appeared on his Facebook account Thursday , Derek Medina , of Miami , committed to murder oh his wife , Jennifer Alfonso 26-year old

Derek Medina posted a photo of his wife with blood stained body- collapsed and contorted on the floor , and he wrote that " i'm going to death or prison sentence for killing my wife Jennifer Alfonso  love you guys and miss you all take care Facebook people may see me in the news."

You can find the Derek Medina on the right side with a gun in his hand after killing his wife.

According to arrest affidavit "Derek Medina , was living in Miami, went to see his family , to tell them what he has done. Then went to police department."

Derek Medina's post and photo shocked everyone and was left on Facebook for almost five hours before his profile was taken down just before 5 pm Thursday.

According to Derek Medina's note his wife Jennifer Alfonso him and asked his friends for their understanding for what he have done to her because of it.

 According to Miami Police officials - Derek Medina and his wife argued. Then after Derek pulled a gun on her . she threatened to leave him. but Derek put gun on her and followed her. He fetched the gun again , Jennifer pulled a knife . he wrestled it out from her hands. she punched him again. Then finally shot her many times. Then after she was found dead Then after he changed his clothes and went see his family members and then to police station to began the procedure of  confessing.

Then Derek Medina gave his house address and the police went and found the body over their.