Kim Zolciak is expecting Twins

To seems that to send double congratulations to the Kim Zolciak .According to E! news Kim Zolciak is expecting two have twins .

The real housewives of Atlanta Star , Kim Zolciak said that she" couldn't be more excited" about adding two more to her care with her husband.

And she also , said that I'M compeltely shocked , I have no idea. Its a natural conception but twins do run in the family shouldn't been surprised.

The gender of the baby are not even known to Kim Zolciak ,and the couple have already two boys Kroy 2 year's and Biermann 9 months, we think it's time to have some girls.

Kim Zolciak also said that i cant believe i am going to be a mom of 6 children, it's going to busy but it's a dream come true.