Man,20 charged at Atlanta area elementary school

The police officers said that " A man with hand-gun and some other weapons exchanged gunfire , at Atlanta area elementary school before he surrendered , with a terrific overhead TV footage capturing the students moving out of the place, being escorted bu the police and teachers, and no one where injured.

There were almost 800 students in the school which was located few miles away from Atlanta.The students sat in the fence and the parents were waiting near by Wall mart.

After few hours after firing the first bus arrived and every body cheered-up.

The police chief said that the Suspect was ,rectified later and he was 20-yaer Micheal Brandon Hill and exchanged gunfire's with the police men who were swarming outside the school.The man almost fires six times. and surrendered shortly after and many weapons where found with him said Police chief Cedric L.Alexander.

 And the police officials said that the school has a system that when a visitor or parent comes here he should be moved to staff first and some one might had hepled him to enter the school.

The School bookkeeper said that she went to face-to-face with a gunman at Atlanta-area elementary school and said him to surrender after he fired shots at Police.

Antoinette Tuff, bookkeeper at McNair learning Academy in Decatur, Georgia told to a news channel that Micheal Brandon hill 20, slipped into building after a parent who had been buzzed in. She said that he told er to call media to let all of them know he was ready to kill police officials and wanted to commit suicide
 Antoinette said that she told him about her own problems and convinced Micheal Brandon Hill to put down his gun and surrender to police.

She also said that Micheal Brandon Hill also asked her to use public address system and say sorry for the disturbance.