Wentworth Miller slams Russia's anti-gay bill

Prison Break star Wentworth Miller had refused invitation to film festival in St Peters-burg in protest on Russia's new anti-gay bill.

Screenwriter and actor Wentworth Miller turned down an invitation to be as chief guest of honor at St Peters-burg International festival, describing that "It would make me more happy to yes," he wrote in the letter that to director of the festival Maria Averbakh.  " as a gay man, i must decline.

Wentworth Miller also said that he " deeply troubled " by actions in Russia.

According to this new law it bans the promotion of lesbian, gay and bisexual lifestyles.

Wentworth Miller wrote this letter to director of festival Maria Averbakh. The latter was then posted on GLAAD website, which supervise media representation of gay, bisexual , lesbian people and their issues and Wentworth Miller  is a member in it.

He also wrote that  " i was deeply trouble by the present situation toward and treatment of gay men and woman by the Russian government . The attitude is no way acceptable, and i can't in good conscience participate in festival occasion hosted by such a country where people such as myself are being systematically denied their right to love and live openly.

In 1993 Russian heritage-homosexuality was decriminalized in Russia, but anti-gay sentiment is high.

Gay right campaigners have launched a campaign to boycott of the 2012 winter Olympic games, in Sochi